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What Is QUBIT?

Qubit provides the most advanced solution for the management of an ad-network, so you can focus on what really matters- increasing your revenues. 

Our Patented Programmatic SaaS Technology Solution Provides the Ultimate Infrastructure For the Management of Advertisers and Publishers, All In One Easy-To-Use Interface.

XML Ad Exchange/ PPC Platform

White-Label ppc, xml, json interface

rtb exchange suite

white-label openRTB interface

advertising network

white-label ad network
CPC, PPC Pricing Model for working with push notifcation, pop-up/pop-under, and native ad formats
All in one solution For Publishers, Advertisers, Ad networks, Agencies
Advanced Built-In Fraud and bot Detection Filters
Ad quality control and metrics - control metrics such as ctr, ip and ua limit. Auto-Disable any publisher not meeting your standards
technical support around the clock- get in touch quickly and easily for any possible help needed
XML API for retrieving publisher statistic automatically, hassle free
White-Label interface for customizing and growing your brand
easy implementation of remote feeds, publisher feeds and optimizations
intelligent bidding algorithm based on real-time processing of data

We make working with ad formats such as Push Notifications and Pop-Under traffic as easy as plug-and-play. Plug in your advertiser, plug in your publisher, and watch your revenue skyrocket!


  • Built optimized and tests for push notifications 

  • Full and Fast Customer support

  • Advanced User based logins and reports

  •  Traffic scoring and optimization

  • Real time push optimization

  • Cost effective


  •  Advanced technology for traffic analysis and scoring in Realtime

  • Sub-id filtering and blocking in Realtime

  • Analyze clicks with fraud impressions count 

  • Multiple IP filtering 


  • Realtime support for API reporting for advanced partners integration

  • XML/Json support

  • Full documentation

  • Easy & simple to integrate

We provide Advanced User based logins and reports which include: 

  • Full dashboard with export capabilities for PDF/Excel for further analysis

  • Date range support

  • Filtering support

  • Advanced login features for: 
    – Admins
    -Marketing managers – Advertisers
    – Publishers


Fraud control
Real time push optimization
Analyze CTR and increase the performance in 30%-50%
Unlimited QPS
Ad networks are integrated into our platform
% Revenue increase compared to competitors
% cost reduction compared to competitors
Performance increase due to Analyzation of CTR
about us

Our team of developers and business- development specialists have been in the industry for over 10 years. We collectively tested and worked with countless platforms in the XML/JSON/ openRTB space, and have found that none of the platforms in the market today really answer the needs of any business model in the Ad-Tech space. Whether it was a limitation of server size, high platform fees that just don’t justify the service, bot/fruad control that don’t quite filter correctly, not enough functions to fully control advertisers and publishers- This list can go on and on with issue’s we came across that left us with a platform that was eating up our revenues and not allowing us to fully scale.

This is when we decided to create Qubit – a platform that finally includes every feature an ad-platform not only wants, but truly needs – and all at a cost efficient price. We offer advertisers, publishers, and ad-networks, the chance to scale their operations with a state-of-the-art, patented and advanced platform, fully customizable with the leading features needed to fully grow your business.  Our platform allows you to focus on growing your business operations with your partners, and leaving the technology aspect up to our developers that truly understand the market. We have offices in the United States and Israel, and are available for support around the clock.